May 27, 2014

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed 6 months and 22 days ago, on October 30, 2013. It is being delivered from the past through FutureMe.org

Dear Elai,

I am writing to you because I want to keep you in check. Can you say to yourself that you've emerged better than you were the last year? Have you found a job? Or put up a small business at least? If you find yourself drowning in failure and setbacks, do know that those, too, shall pass. Don't give up. Just keep on trying. You won't always hit the bull's eye on your first try. Just keep doing what you love to do. You'll figure out something for sure. You are, after all, Elai Lim.

You are only 22 years old. Although you cannot know when you'll die, let's just assume that you'll die of old age. So you have your whole life ahead of you. Just. Don't. Ever. Give. Up. Cry it all out if you can, then act. Be proactive at all times.

Have you found yourself? Can you say to yourself and to others that you are this and you are that with conviction? I know that you are as flexible and as easy going as the air, but I am sure you have core values that you treasure and live up to.

I'd just like to check: are you working hard? Are you practicing temperance? How about your sense of entitlement, have you at least reduced it? If you remember, these were just some of the things that you tried to change about yourself back in Davao. I hope that you never forgot about them.

Don't ever forget to be grateful. Don't ever forget to be humble. These are what your foundation consists of. Always keep your foundation in check and strengthen them even more as the days pass. To do this, you will have to hold on to the Supreme Being. Make God the center of your life. I bet you know that already. I am just trying to be your accountability partner.

Have you found what you'd want to really do for the rest of your life? Aside from traveling and tasting good food, of course. Just do it. Give your very best. Strive for excellence at all times.

Remember that you have a lot of dreams. These dreams are too high to reach but nobody said they're impossible. Dream big. Pray. Work hard. And as for those people who judge you? Don't let them destroy you. Prove them wrong. Prove that you can do it. Whether you succeed in life or not, they will always end up right. When you fail, they could always say that they've seen it coming. And when you succeed, they could easily say that they always knew. What other people say about you is none of your business so just do your own thing. Glorify God through your intentions, words, and actions.

Be kind at all times. Help other people. This is one secret to happiness. I am sure that you know that you are responsible for your brothers and sisters; so give, be of service. Make this world a better place. Start with your self. It will be a neverending process but it will be worth it.

Be like coffee. Do not be like the carrots or the egg.

Take care of your body. Think that you are doing it for your future children.

Save. Save. Save. Save for your future house, for emergencies, for medical purposes; save for travel, save for your retirement, save for your future children's education, save for everything that you can possibly think of that needs some saving. Bear in mind, however, that you will need to start small. Better that than nothing at all. Just don't be afraid to start. Take little steps. And do not touch your savings. You will defeat the purpose if you do. Be financially independent and help your parents with the finances.

Help in your own little way. That is better than not helping. Just do what you can, and do it with all your heart. Live a life with purpose. You don't have to find your purpose. You don't have to have it articulated in front of you. You have always known that you want to help. So do.

Don't ever forget to smile and laugh and enjoy. You are young. Embark on an adventure, take risks but don't forget to be vigilant and to be cautious and careful. Find the balance. Find the balance in everything.

Just do it, okay? You still have a lot ahead of you. Just believe that you will get there, wherever that is. Always think positive. Light and Love.

Don't forget to pray. Don't forget to revel in the beauty and wonder of the world and of the Universe.

Don't be afraid. Don't be shy. Be aggressive. Just the right mount of aggressive.

Love yourself. You are beautiful. Believe it cos you really are.


21-year old Elai

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