So This is Love

September 07, 2017

A lot has changed in six months. While I'm still caught up in the Self-Expression VS Self-Preservation dilemma at times, I haveto put it simplysettled with expressing and putting memories of importance on record, and forgoing inconsequential matters.

Over the last few weeks, the urge to update my blog was rising, like a stick prodding me incessantly. After days of internal deliberation, I came to the conclusion that this was brought about by presently (and finally!) having someone to share my life stories withmy dearest niece, Vernice Erlaine. Blogging just makes more sense to me now, especially since I am doing it out of LOVE.

Vernice was born on a Biyernes, that's why Friday is one of her nicknames (VerniceBiyernes. Get it?!?). But as most Filipino nicknames evolve, she became Dayday, as it's easier to pronounce with our Bisaya tongues.

The first thing I searched online upon her birth (June 16, 2017, 12:28 PM) was her Astrological Natal Chart (see below). LOL.

As of this writing, she's nine days shy from turning three months old. Over the past two and a half months, I discovered that:

1) I'd make a gentle, loving, patient, nurturing, and intuitive mother; and
2) I'm leaning towards not having children of my own.

I've told people about Discovery Number 2 and they thought it was absurd of me to think so, and that I was just probably blabbering nonsense. They're now more convinced that I'm bitter, hopeless, and lonely (which is contrary to the truth!). I'd just like to say that I've become more empowered as I got to know myself more as a woman (more on this on maybe another post), and that is to sayMY LIFE, MY CHOICES.

So, my lovely niece is more than enough at the moment, thank you very much. Just look at this patato! (We joke that she looks like a turtle sometimes hahaha sorry love!)

So Dear Dayday, I hope you'll one day get to read this blog and understand that your Tita was once young and foolish too! I may not be your Mama but you surely motivate me to become so much better than who I already am now. I hope you'll learn from my mistakes, be inspired to embark on your own adventures, and become a tad whole wiser than I'll ever be.


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