March 03, 2013

Transient from mungkey on Vimeo.

As I walk everyday...
I realize
that everything is passing...

The moment that I think about something
I know, that with a tick of the clock
that thought has now become part of the past

The moment I experience something
that something has now become part of me

When I imagine something
I know, that I somehow, have created something in my mind
and then, when I begin to think about it over and over again
I think, perhaps there is a possibility of it becoming real

This ignites hope
and I always hope for things to become better everyday

Slowly or quickly, 
everything is passing...

Every second we live...
it moves this part of us to the other side

Everything is quickly becoming part of the past

Everything is changing
constantly improving at times
but otherwise--decaying...
becoming old
or coming back to where it started

When I come to a place
I come to immerse myself in a real experience
I just want to feel and become part of the present moment

I know that there is a possibility
that I may never pass this way again

The future is uncertain
but the present
this is the moment I want to experience

The lens gives me the opportunity
to see the same world in a different point of view
sometimes in a different perspective, a different angle
just like having a new set of eyes
seeing things that are totally new and flawless
they may be exciting
but other things
something used
something damaged...
it's very interesting
I think
it has a lot of stories to tell

I go about capturing things that interest me
I realize that I, too, am passing...
just like everything else

I know that I cannot stay in this world forever
and I see no reason why I'm doing what I do

And I have a lot of photos that seem useless
but I still save them

It makes me happy being able to come back to them
and remember

I tell my friends and loved ones about my experiences
and hearing their stories as well
feels like adding a new special mixture to the coffee
that accompany us during our conversations

The real connection we make with others
the sharing of experiences
this is one thing I love so much

I learned a lot of things
from places and people around me

I pay this passion with my time
and it makes me think that I am not wasting time
but rather, spending time with the things that I love doing.

This is what I live for.

- Mark "Mungkey" Vicente

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