High Ridge - New Year At The Top (2016)

January 03, 2016

I may have welcomed the new year sans family—standing by the edge of the ledge alone with my thoughts amidst a celebrating crowd—but boy was I filled with joy. Giddy, even. It felt nothing short of magical to look at the sky and watch it come to life with a cool band playing behind me (the video's audio doesn't do Upstart any justice, BTW). Unsurprisingly, fireworks and music are among my favorite things in life.

If this setup were to be the theme of my 2016—work, solitude, music, and sparks—then I believe I'm ready to brave the year, jump from the proverbial ledge (not the one I was at, lisod pud haha), and hopefully leave my nest. Whether I fly or I fall, it doesn't matter. After all, nobody is stopping me but myself.

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